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About Richer Soil Counseling

When I was a young residential counselor working with children with serious emotional disturbances, one of my supervisors told me that we only have the opportunity to work with these kiddos for a short time so we might never know if our actions make any difference - that the best we could hope for was to plant a seed that might take root at some time in the future. Since then, I've considered myself something of a seed planter.

I believe that we each have the answers we need and that we each have the capacity to improve our circumstances, but that sometimes we get stuck or overwhelmed or off course. I also believe that what we focus on gets bigger, and when we start to focus on what is working, it becomes easier to move forward. And this isn't just my personal belief - it's actually rooted in science!

I liken it to tending a garden. If I focus on the soil, watering, pruning, weeding, etc., my garden is likely to grow healthy and beautiful. Robert Young said, "If you throw seeds on concrete, they won't grow. They have to meet fertile soil." When we focus on growing the good and beautiful in life, the weeds get crowded out. ~ Kerry

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

– Aristotle

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